Reply To: Smart Playlists – Flag equivalents in ID tags


@pnnoakes wrote:

I find the smart playlist wizard easy to use for simple set ups, but I’m unsure of what some of the options actually refer to as ID tag equivalents. eg, what do ‘description’ and ‘grouping’ pick up on in an ID tag? Do either of these point to Mood for instance?

I currently use the ‘comment’ field a lot to create more complex lists, but this requires manual entries into the track properties which is time consuming, so I’m eager to use the ‘mood’ tag if possible.


I don’t have or use the mood tag, so conseqently I haven’t coded support for it. I’ve looked up the details on the mood tag, and it looks trivial. If you could email me at [email protected], I wouldn’t mind coding up support for it, but I’d like to get examples and info on what taggers you use and so forth.

— Ron