Reply To: Linking 2 remote mt-daapd’s together


@mas wrote:

Currently what I am doing when I want to access the media library of my brother is that I fire up a RendezvousProxy on my local laptop, have it announce my bro’s IP:port and then flip my Roku over to use my bros server. As well as sometimes WinSCPing some files around.

Now wouldnt it be cool to implement a way to LINK two remote mt-daapd servers virtually together?

What I mean is that one would give it in the config a “remote link = xx.xx.xx.xx:yyyy” line and then on every filescan the mt-daapd would simply start to browse the remote DAAP/RSP library and store the song information in the local database, effectively creating a database that consists of the union of both databases. When a client requests such a remote song then the mt-daapd could just send back the appropriate full link (if the DAAP/RSP clients can handle that – no idea) or alternatively get the song for the client and pass it transparently through (sort of what we do with transcoding).

On the first and naive look that doesnt even look like it was hard to code as all thats really needed is already sort of there, the browsing code and the stuff to passthrough songs.

So what do you guys think of such a feature? Useful? Doable? Or rather not needed and complicated?

Not all that difficult and definitely doable. I want to get to the point that I can support multiple db backends and move the databases to plugins. Once that’s done, then it wouldn’t be too hard to do exactly that.

— Ron