Reply To: Router setup for server on different subnet than Roku?


@CCRDude wrote:

I remember from some own multicasting implementation I did with Bonjour as an inspiration that multicasting should have no problems with subnets actually. Routers may just decrease the TTL (Time To Live) value, so multi-casting packets may die before reaching other subnets if the packets are send with a low TTL value and the routers dec a not-so-small value (and it probably makes sense for APs to reduce it more than standard routers). So maybe a custom option to set the TTL values could be an easy thing to try?

edit: I checked Firefly, iTunes and the Roku – they all use a TTL of 255, so the above is not the reason.

Right. Been down that road also. Seems that most wireless routers are software routers, not hardware routers. And since they try to use the cheapest hardware they can, the usually don’t run a full mrouted, instead, they “fake it” with special case stuff — like rendezvous proxies that are hard-coded to proxy _daap._tcp, etc.

Multicast works great in an enterprise environment — but then you are running cisco switches with a robust multicast implementation. I’ve got multicast code at work running on 4507s that works great. Just won’t run on consumer grade networks.