Reply To: Router setup for server on different subnet than Roku?


@Digital Larry wrote:

My wired side LAN and (Kurobox, where Firefly is residing) are on Since Roku only supports WEP I would like to isolate this from the main part of the LAN, easy enough, I can set my WEP router to use a different subnet. However then I’m thinking I’d need to set up a static route from subnet 11 to the other one, and make sure that the Kurobox and Roku are both using static IP so they don’t move around in the case of a disconnect.

Anyone done this? Any special tricks or is it just easy as pie? I’ve never actually done any static routes so that forms part of my apprehension.


The routing part is pretty straightforward, but the part that will get you is the fact that probably the multicast won’t go across subnets. So you won’t “see” the server on the other subnet (probably).

The only way I know to get around that (aside from running a real IGMP routing daemon like mrouted) is to run a rendezvous proxy on the side of he network that doesn’t can’t see the server. Problem is, with that subnet only having the soundbridge, there isn’t really anything to run the rendezvous proxy on.