Reply To: Multiple soundbridges accessing one or more mt-daapds



I have recently bought an NSLU2 and a soundbridge and managed to get firefly installed after a few hours of tinkering. This is my first linux experience so the walk through tutorials were a great help.

Basically, what i’d like to do now is the same as S80_UK has done, one server for my music, one for the girlfriend etc etc. All my music is on an external hdd and apart from installing firefly my unslung Nslu2 is pretty much as it was when i first installed linux on it.

I’ve read as many threads as i can and apparently this shouldn’t be too hard to do, but i don’t really know where to start as i couldn’t find any idiot guides. I can log into firefly on the nslu2 and change music directories and port numbers etc so what i really need is just a few pointers in the right direction.

Do i need to keep downloading and installing more versions of firefly? or simply create more config files?

Any help at all would be great, or just tell me i’m in out of my depth and i’m sure i’ll get over it.