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Reply To: Multiple soundbridges accessing one or more mt-daapds



@s80_uk wrote:

I like that idea – seems rather more elegant than my approach. And the Browse feature would still work I think, since it would be presented with the contents of the “base” playlist. Cool. It’s a personal preference, but I use Browse almost exclusively rather than static or smart playlists. One would ideally need some neat tagging tools for tagging masses of files across directories in order to set the groupings. I guess there may be some tools out there that can handle that…?

I’m surprised that you needed to make multiple instances. Did you split the databases? I created smart playlists for my wife’s stuff and some for my stuff all on the same instance. Yeah, we see each other’s playlists but other than that it’s easy to find what you want to listen to. I also browse within a playlist sometimes as that’s easy to do with iTunes or Rhythmbox. I don’t know about a Roku client…