Reply To: Multiple soundbridges accessing one or more mt-daapds


@rpedde wrote:

The thing I’m driving for is to be able to do two things:

1. Logs by user name
2. Set base library to be a smart playlist
3. Let smart playlist use a smart playlist as a criteria

So I could make a playlist like:

1. My stuff = grouping includes “me”
2. Wifes stuff = grouping includes “wife”

Then tag groupings like:

me or me/wife, or wife

Then set the “my stuff” playlist to be the “library” playlist when I log in, and set the “wifes stuff” playlist to be the “library” playlist when she logs in.

Then other playlists would be the intersection of the playlist and the “base” playlist. So I might have a “No Country” (genre not includes “country”) and it would silently get turned into “(genre not includes ‘country’) and (grouping includes ‘me’)” when I query that playlists.

I like that idea – seems rather more elegant than my approach. And the Browse feature would still work I think, since it would be presented with the contents of the “base” playlist. Cool. It’s a personal preference, but I use Browse almost exclusively rather than static or smart playlists. One would ideally need some neat tagging tools for tagging masses of files across directories in order to set the groupings. I guess there may be some tools out there that can handle that…?