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It’s quite surprising how much it can handle … I stream 2 M1001, 1 R1000, 2 iTunes ( desktop + laptop ) from my little slug which also hosts a HTTP server and a SubVersion server.

Wow that now even surprises me. I take it for a given that you stream without transcoding and that you use a lightweight webserver with mostly static pages. Apache/mysql is very heavyweight and could keep an NSLU busy alone if it find some users.

Yup, no transcoding, lighthttpd with straitfoward pages, nothing fancy. I tried MySql and Apache, too big for what I wanted to do … I may try other web servers and probably a database server also down the road, but since I use the slug as a part time toy, part time server, I don’t mess it up too deliberately 🙂
One things for sure, if they could put out another little bugger a bit more powerfull than this one at a good price, Im all in !
Patrick S.

I’ve got a hacked-up version of micro_httpd that I’ve shoehorned php cgi support into — that way I can run a full php web server from inetd. Zero memory overhead, works great. It actually runs surprisingly quickly, too. I tried lighty, but it was too fat for how infrequently I used the web server.

If you are interested, I’ll post patches.

— Ron