Reply To: Multiple soundbridges accessing one or more mt-daapds


It’s quite surprising how much it can handle … I stream 2 M1001, 1 R1000, 2 iTunes ( desktop + laptop ) from my little slug which also hosts a HTTP server and a SubVersion server.

Wow that now even surprises me. I take it for a given that you stream without transcoding and that you use a lightweight webserver with mostly static pages. Apache/mysql is very heavyweight and could keep an NSLU busy alone if it find some users.

But well, then again I found some people who think that running any real encryption (as opposed to XOR) on a NSLU wouldnt be feasible.
And it clearly is. Even watching a movie from an encrypted share does work, though for high quality streams the 1.1 MB/sec limitation of the encryption would be a problem of course. But for music and such its no problem.