Reply To: Multiple soundbridges accessing one or more mt-daapds


@rpedde wrote:

If you are transcoded, you’ll probably only get one transcoded file at a time.. depends on the type of file. Ogg is pretty cheap, and alac isn’t bad. Flac is pretty expensive. So while you might get two oggs transcoded at the same time, you probably won’t get two flacs transcoded at the same time.

This thread made me curious. I’m running current nightly on a deunderclockded NSLU2 with two SoundBridges (not quite as fancy as RichDunlop with three 😀 ). Soundbridges are connected wired Ethernet 100mbps.

I’m currently streaming flac (transcoding to wav) to both of them, watching the NSLU2 with atop. Both are streaming flawlessly. On the NSLU2, total cpu utilization is 15% sys and 23% usr.

Not too shabby for my needs!