Reply To: Multiple soundbridges accessing one or more mt-daapds


@rojbalc wrote:

I’ve seen people mention that they’ve got several Soundbridges running, but haven’t found any information on whether these are accessing just one music database or more, all over 1 port or more, or much discussion of the general requirements for when you add an extra soundbridge into the equation.

Most of what it does is pretty lightweight. You might see browsing slowdowns, etc, but you ought to be able to run probably 5 or 6 clients of an MSS, assuming they are all native and not transcoded.

If you are transcoded, you’ll probably only get one transcoded file at a time.. depends on the type of file. Ogg is pretty cheap, and alac isn’t bad. Flac is pretty expensive. So while you might get two oggs transcoded at the same time, you probably won’t get two flacs transcoded at the same time.

Just serving up mp3 and aac files is pretty inexpensive, though.

Mas has a good summary there, and it seems pretty representative. De-underclocking is easy, though, so that’s probably worthwhile in any event.

— Ron