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@DLP wrote:

Has anyone figured out how to get video (from ITMS) to play in full screen?

I can get the video files playing on iTunes, but I can’t click them into full screen mode, the screen just disappears.

There are metadata issues with video still. It’s a work in progress.

Which brings me to my last question, why is all my stuff jumbled together? I am a heavy ITMS user for music, TV and movies. iTunes separates these for me, but when I run them through Firefly, the only categories I get are “without DRM” and “with DRM”. I have tried moving the files around in folders, but that does nothing to the organization of the media. Is there any way to get iTunes to organize the media by type from the remote server?

Again, that’s a matter of not having the right metadata. I’ve (until recently) been more concerned with audio. However, with my AppleTV on order, I’m starting to worry more about video.

It seems as though all the key information from video files is lost (won’t show a duration for instance). Do I need to enter this info by hand? Do I need a different build (a “nightly”)?

That’s exactly it. You can try the latest nightly. I added some more metadata that helped with XMBC, but I haven’t specifically started working on FrontRow stuff, although that’s *really high* on my list.

As far as some songs being audio, not video, it only adds the “has_video” tag on files with the extensions .m4v and .mov. I need to work on better metadata scanning to get files like “mp4”, etc.

— Ron