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@uva wrote:

sorry…im just not that experienced in linux and telnet. Is there some more detailed information howto bring the firefly onto the 323 ?

, uva

Not very familiar with the DNS-323 but it already has a builtin iTunes server with the stock firmware. Maybe trying updating firmware from the D-Link website. The config should be accessible from the Web UI (navigate to the device IP in the internet browser)

If you have SSH installed (instead of telnet) you can download a free SFTP tool for Windows (WinSCP3) or Mac (Fugu) and you can copy stuff right over. PuTTy is an SSH client for Windows that also supports telnet and is better than the windows command prompt because you can copy and paste. To copy and paste, first copy the text to the clipboard and then in PuTTy, move the cursor to the paste location with the keypad and then right mouse click inside the PuTTy window.

Not familiar with the D-link firmware commands, but if it is running busybox you can download firefly directly to the device:

change to a download directory like tmp (cd /tmp)

To get the url, navigate to the download link in your browser and right-mouse click on the link and select “copy link to clipboard”