Reply To: Pinnacle Soundbridge – MSS installation problems


@rpedde wrote:

If you kill mt-daapd first, then shut it down, it’s okay?

Yeah, it just seems to be when mt-daapd is running…

If so, it’s probably a signal handling problem. In the very very latests nightlies, the signal handling should be right — a SIGTERM should shut it down gracefully fairly quickly.

Exactly, but the reason I bought the MSS was so I could have it running without needing to have the pc on… Ah well, as I say, shutdown does work, just takes a while.

Did you say what version you had? (a /opt/sbin/mt-daapd -V in a relatively recent version should display version info).

Pretty up to date: svn-1498

Are you using the PC for connection sharing? Or are you behind a router with NAT?

No, nothing like that, unfortunately… Mind you, I am still running Windows 2000, so I’ve probably only got myself to blame…

Woohoo! Probably about time to get that other nslu2 so I can start dropping other-endian arm binaries for nightlies.

Ahem… don’t get too excited – I didn’t say I’d clicked the 250$ donation button 😛 Not quite that rich…