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Thanks for the help Ron, even though you appear to have posted as me just to confuse…(!)

Too many buttons on this interface. Oops!

2. The MSS does not like shutting down while mt-daapd is running. The usual tap of the on/off button and it took between 30-60 seconds to shut down as opposed to the usual 5-10. Simply leaving the MSS on would be the simple solution, but I did plan to turn it off at night… I could always shut the server down via the web GUI, but that kind of defeats the object of a pc-independent NAS solution… I’ll have another go tonight and see if it improves. I’ve heard of such problems with the Slug, but not on MSS. Anyone had a similar experience?

If you kill mt-daapd first, then shut it down, it’s okay?

If so, it’s probably a signal handling problem. In the very very latests nightlies, the signal handling should be right — a SIGTERM should shut it down gracefully fairly quickly.

Did you say what version you had? (a /opt/sbin/mt-daapd -V in a relatively recent version should display version info).

3. New firewall software – I HATE ZONEALARM!! It doesn’t even let me see the MSS as a drive on my pc unless I restart the firewall. Not a great solution for an always-on internet connection… Anyone have any (software) suggestions/recommendations?

Are you using the PC for connection sharing? Or are you behind a router with NAT?

If so, you could always loosen up your rules a bit — allow stuff to and from the local network, but only prompt for non-local traffic.

Other than that – very happy! (Donation to the Soundforge cause has already been made…)

Woohoo! Probably about time to get that other nslu2 so I can start dropping other-endian arm binaries for nightlies.

Anyway, thanks, and good luck.

— Ron