Reply To: Pinnacle Soundbridge – MSS installation problems


1. it still can’t find my music. Can my syntax be wrong?

mp3_dir = /Admin1/My Music

Probably isn’t a valid directory. I’m assuming you made a new share called “Admin1” and that the music sits in a directory under that share called “My Music”, right? If so, the path is probably:

/shares/mss-hdd/Admin1/My Music

But I’m not sure. You might telnet into the box and explore with “ls” and “cd” to see if you can find the right path. I’d guess it’s the one above, though.

2. how can I get rid of that bloody Twonky MSS stuff that’s still showing up on my Soundbridge?!

Not sure. Turns out I don’t run Twonky. Go figure. 🙂

Is there an uninstaller? Could you reverse the process that you used to install it?

Might be that the twonky forums would have more info in that regard.

— Ron