Reply To: Pinnacle Soundbridge – MSS installation problems


OK, next update: I’m still not up and running.

I still can’t access the web interface http://[mss]:3689, although I suspect that’s because I still have Firefly running on my PC, which uses the same port… Anyway, that isn’t a huge problem, I can deal with that later – in the meantime I’ve edited mt-daapd.conf with this:
mp3_dir = /Admin1/My Music

Hope the syntax is right (and that it doesn’t require Server name and allows blanks…)

I think I may have found the cause of my woes though – I bought my MSS second hand and it looks like the previous owner had Twonky media running on it – my Soundbridge shows not the name I gave my server, but ‘Twonky MSS’ and this guy’s config. So he’s wiped the media files but not the config in the background.

In any case, the problem seems to be that Twonky is starting on the MSS first or taking priority over mt-daapd, or mt-daapd just isn’t starting at all. And I don’t know why. Yet. Any suggestions?

Can anyone tell me if I can format the MSS completely and start over again? This may be easiest…