Reply To: Pinnacle Soundbridge – MSS installation problems


OK, I couldn’t wait any longer and went ahead with the walkthrough…

Firefly now appears to be working on the mss, and I just need to tell it where to look for my music. The only problem is, I can’t access the http://[mss]:3689 web interface config page – I get a ‘page not found’ message. I don’t really know why – even with my firewall turned off I have the problem…

Anyone have any ideas?

The only thing that occurs to me is that in the Wiki, it say you can delete 4 lines of the file that controls bonjour advertising and that you should “Find the group of lines mentioning “_tcp._daap” and delete them using the CTRL-K key. ” In the file, “_tcp._daap” wasn’t actually mentioned, but “_daap._tcp” was. The last 4 lines looked something like this:

MSS-018AB9 Music Server
[some number I don’t remember]

I presumed these were the lines that were meant and that it was just a typo in the Wiki so I deleted these. Could this be the problem – have I deleted the wrong thing?

As you can see, I don’t have much of a clue. Any help appreciated!