Reply To: Rhythmbox and mt-daapd on the same machine


I’ll try that, to add another user. Thanks.

@fizze wrote:

you dont want to switch from rthythmbox, do ya?

Well, all I know really under Linux/Gnome is Rhythmbox and Banshee. I hate Banshee. It’s slow and buggy. The plug-in does not work properly and the daap client won’t read all the ID3 tags. And main issue: cannot browse Artists or Albums.

I don’t even use the Library part of the program, since all my music is served by Firefly. All I need is just a working DAAP client that will let me browse artists and albums (I don’t use playlists) with a working plug-in.

If you have any suggestion, I’ll be happy to read them 🙂