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@bbjonz wrote:

Hi All,

I successfully set up Firefly so that I can play the library on my linux box at home on my Mac at work. I used the instructions in the Wiki, using the command line to establish the SSH connection and Network Beacon (set up as directed on the Wiki) on the work Mac. Interestingly, one of my colleague came by saying that the shared library was showing up in his iTunes (on a PC) but that when he clicked on it nothing happened. We are on the same subnet. I would prefer that the share appear only on my machine. I suspect that the configuration in Network Beacon might have something to do with it. Anyone have any idea of how to set it up? Thanks in advance.


Not really.. if the network beacon has an option to specific what interface to run on, you might be able to force it to run on the loopback interface (lo), which should keep the announcements local to your machine, but I don’t believe it does.

You could maybe set up some crazy firewall rules (block outbound traffic to port 5353 udp on the wired interface), but I don’t know what else that would break.

Offhand, I can’t think of a simple way to do that.