Reply To: All songs are duplicated in Firefly


@JohnPRG wrote:

Has anyone run into this issue?

I’ve set up my itunes. Did a clean resynch using ITLU. But ever since I set up the firsfly server (running on Windows XP) I get duplicate entries for everything in my itunes database. These show up on all server clients.

It is maddening because I can’t listen to an album.

Itunes on that machine shows no duplicates.

Please excuse me if this has been covered before. I searched but could not find any previous coverage.

Thanks in advance

Is it possible you have two copies of the songs? That should really be the only reason there are dups.

You can zip up your songs.db from c:program filesfirefly media server and email it to me at [email protected], and I can tell you where the dups are… or at least where the database *thinks* they are. That might shed some light.

— Ron