Reply To: SVN-1498 Soundbridge Problem


@pmorris wrote:

Running NSLU unslung – serves up fine on iTunes client. My soundbridges however, have difficulty connecting. Once connected, “Browse Artists” fails with “Failed to Load Browse Data”. I have a large library (16,000 songs), so I tried several times to insure I wasn’t timing out. I’ve also created an index on artists to speed response time from sqlite.

You might try fetching the list with firefox just to see if it parses right…

something lik:


should give you an xml list of the artists. If it doesn’t parse right, that’s the problem. Otherwise, it must be time, but I can’t imagine it would take all that long.

Are you running on a particularly slow file system? Where is your /tmp mounted? If it’s on flash, can you try mounting a directory on your hard drive on tmp?