Reply To: Firefly 1.0?


Or to say it in a different way: especially in open source, you’ll find a lot of projects with 0.something version numbers, because people who do this kind of work for free usually tend to feel that a version 1.0 should be something they feel absolutely comfortable about. Commercial things on the other hand usually reach version 1.0 not because its perfect, but because the planed X time and Y money was spent and the boss says they need to make profit of it now, having the marketing guys make it look perfect if it isnt yet.

And I guess the Roku 1.0 version is something in between those… Roku wanted something that users will trust (and users will trust 1.something more than 0.something), and didn’t need the most beautiful sourcecode (which users won’t see anyway), as long as the code was stable – a compromise.

I’ve seen really bad and unfinished software with much higher version numbers, so the 0.x is really just a sign of Ron being humble and honest or something like that 😀