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Yes, but I thought the question was about “what’s about that there’s a version 1.0 on that site, but only a 0.2.something on this one”. If it was about the actual domain and no the version there, I apologize 😉

that’s what I was wondering, you pretty much answered my question.

although I am curious about where the 0.2.xx number comes from and when *it* will reach 1.0…

Rolling out stable builds is an amazing pain in the rear. I don’t like doing it at all, although now that I have an automated build system, it’s become a lot easier.

There are a lot of things in the code I am embarrassed about. Once I have those mostly removed, then I’ll feel better about making it a 1.0. Right now, I can just say “It’s still development code! I’m working on it!” But as soon as I release a *real* 1.0, then I’m somehow staking that code out as acceptable code. Which it isn’t right now. The database stuff is really not right at all.

I think that’s really the last thing I have to do before making a 1.0 release. I really do need to settle down for a stable release.

Guess I’ll start pushing for that.

— Ron