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@bbjonz wrote:

I tried messing with iTunes and the linux share, but it scares me–not sure what it’s doing under the hood. I should probably tell it to find the music folder on the share and then when restarting have it create a new library on the share where the music is. Does that sound right? That way, it will search the top folder on the linux box for the music.

If you have the disk space for two full copies of your music, then the easiest way might be to make a new share, or find a new place to put your music, and do the option trick to make a new iTunes library.

If you close out, you should get an iTunes Music Library.xml, an a couple new folders. If you set your options to “Organize Music”, and “Copy Files to Music Folder”, then you can just add your existing music to that empty library.

It will make new artist directories and whatnot, and will probably take a looong time. Once it’s done, you’ll have two copies of all your music — where you imported it from, and the new copies in your new iTunes share.

At that point, you could probably get rid of your old files, as they are all dups now, and shift your firefly to the new iTunes share.

No real downside, except for the extra disk space (and the time to copy). And if you have it to spare, no problem.

p.s. I finally got those *($&#^ Christmas tunes out of my jazz folder. Thanks!!!

Glad to hear it. Good luck.

— Ron