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Reply To: Managing Playlists–A Couple of Questions



@bbjonz wrote:

1. Can I mix and match “includes” and “not includes” rules? I’ve got a list that looks for “jazz” or “fusion” but I want it to exclude anything with “Christmas” in the title. It finds the first two but the *$&#% Christmas songs keep showing up.

Yup, but just not with the wizard. You’ll have to build it by hand in the text box:

(genre includes "jazz" or genre includes "fusion") and (genre not includes "*$&#% Christmas")

2. Is it possible to use iTunes on my Mac to administer the songs on my Linux server? Each time I change the location of the iTunes folder to the Linux box, it keeps the same library from the Mac. I’d like it to start with a clean slate, so to speak, so that I can change information about the songs (e.g., genre from Jazz to Christmas).

Mmm… sort of. You can put your iTunes library *on* the linux server. Mount a drive somehow (appleshare or nfs would work fastest and best, but smb would do as well). Then start iTunes iwth the option key held down and make a new library on the server. Make your settings “add with copy” and copy all the stuff into a new iTunes share on the server. Then you can open that share and manage tags and stuff, or option start iTunes and select you existing library on you laptop.


Manage your “main” library on your mac, and sync it ot your linux server using rsync. This is the method I use, but I’m leaning toward redoing my library using the other method now that iTunes 7 can do it.

— Ron