Reply To: Build firefly nightly on WL-500g


@rpedde wrote:

I think the original wl-hdd is a pretty slim machine, hope it has enough horsepower to run it. 🙂
— Ron

Well, in the beginning, I experimented a little bit with Twonkymusic, and this was quite fast. There you could also do some performance increasements (mimimizing the search tree that was build, …).

However, twonky is off course not firefly 😉
As FF is really build for the SB, and can be used for iTunes, my decision was rapidly made!

When I started the FF in foreground with debuglevel 9, it indeed took some time to get all the artists (50gb of music), but I supposed this was due to the logging.

Nevertheless, the WL-HDD maybe indeed somewhat on the slim side, but whenever I manage to get it up & running 8) , I’ll start a new thread about “performance tuning on slim devices” 😛