Reply To: Build firefly nightly on WL-500g


I think the “is a directory” is because it is actually trying to serve the directory rather than a file from it when running as a daemon. If if use the browser hangs and I get the error in the log. If I use it serves that file successfully and I see a web page but buttons are non-functional.

Correct. That’s fixed in svn (I think). So the “is a directory” isn’t the *real* problem. There is another problem, obviously.

But you say it works when you run it in the foreground?

What *doesn’t* work when you run it as a daemon? And how doesn’t it work.

1. Does it appear in iTunes
2. Does it connect when you select it in the iTunes browser
3. Does it return any items
4. Does it return playlists
5. Do the items it return play?

6. Does it appear in SB
7. Do playlists appear
8. … etc …

When you say that the buttons don’t work, are they greyed out? Or are they ungray, but don’t seem to do anything when you press them?

Does the “shutdown” button work?