Reply To: Build firefly nightly on WL-500g


I would have thought they were all from but I sequentially removed and reinstalled them and it was sqlite2 that was the problem. Now got mt-daapd running but I’m still getting the “read error: is a directory” in the log 🙁 .

I’ll up the debug level and see what I get

I’m now at the same place as gusdesigns. Run as a foreground process everything works fine (web, iTunes, Roku can all access firefly). But run as a daemon it just doesn’t.

I think the “is a directory” is because it is actually trying to serve the directory rather than a file from it when running as a daemon. If if use the browser hangs and I get the error in the log. If I use it serves that file successfully and I see a web page but buttons are non-functional.

If firefly is run in foreground then works fine.

Run in foreground or background “admin” is shown as the uid

I’ve tried ensuring universal permissions on the songs.db and it’s folder and on /opt/share/mt-daapd and its subfolders. No effect.

The uid of my admin account is 0.