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I’m also looking to get firefly running on my Asus wl500g deluxe router to stream to my Soundbridge. I’m currently using Twonky, which is OK but I’ve been having problems with playlists. I’ve tried Wouter’s .ipk and apparently got it running up to the point where I try to connect to the web interface, when I get the error below (I’ve modified the .conf to run as admin):

2007-03-06 21:22:23 (00000400): Firefly Version svn-1498: Starting with debuglevel 2
2007-03-06 21:22:23 (00000400): Starting rendezvous daemon
2007-03-06 21:22:23 (00000400): Starting signal handler
2007-03-06 21:22:24 (00000400): Initializing database
2007-03-06 21:22:58 (00000400): Starting web server from /opt/share/mt-daapd/admin-root on port 3689
2007-03-06 21:24:23 (00000803): Read error: Is a directory

Also nothing visible from Roku or iTunes.

Any suggestions?

Can I also add my support for the request to add a build for the asus routers to the nightlies?