Reply To: Build firefly nightly on WL-500g


@rpedde wrote:

On the same firmware version and everything?

Because it looks then like it’s firewalled or something…

Does this have a firewall.user?

Is it possible to just put a big unfirewall rule on the wan side interface?

Yep same firewall settings, same firmware. iptables -L lists ACCEPT policy on INPUT, OUTPUT and FORWARD, and only ACCEPT rules (save for some rules for invalid packets). Inserting -j ACCEPT to all chains doesn’t help either. If I know for a fact that 2.4.x worked with iTunes & (partially) with XBMC. Haven’t tried with the Roku yet.

Could it be a build issue, ie: wrong or missing network things or a wrong configuration? The build seemed to be clean, apart from the _putenv/_tzset build errors that were easily fixed. I’ll post the config.log later if that might give a hint.