Reply To: Build firefly nightly on WL-500g


@rpedde wrote:

Hmm possibly… I checked with -d8 but I don’t see anything unusual. Only neither iTunes nor the Roku can see the share, though the webinterface & scanning works without a problem. Keeps saying Bonjour is not running. I configured with –enable-mdns btw.

mdns appears to be running on vlan1, which should be the internal interface, right?

Yes. The WL-500g connects to my ADSL modem via subnet, and all wired & wireless clients connect to the router on subnet So it looks as if mdns is running on the right interface… I’m not sure if it would help, but if it’s possible I want to disable the interface for bonjour. Maybe it screws up mdns. Note that mt-daapd 2.4.x ran OK with the exact same firewall/multicast/etc settings.

If I start iTunes or reboot the Roku while monitoring the log I see absolutely no activity at all, so something is definitely not right…