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Reply To: Build firefly nightly on WL-500g



Well I kind of gave up on this for now, getting a bit frustrated with the different build errors I’m getting on dependency packages. I already had to jump through a lot of hoops to get this far, partially because my (native) linux build environment was/is not really standard anymore, partially because I first used the unslung cvs instead of the svn (which appears to be out-of-date) and partially because of my own mistakes or because of errors in the unslung tree. Now I’m stuck at sqlite, the build fails on a syntax error in the configure script, so I’m guessing an autoconf version issue or something like that… Not really feeling like tracking this down atm, after 3 hours of fooling around with makefiles, C headers and configure scripts.

Maybe I’ll try again later, or if someone else has suggestions I’ll be glad to hear about it. Annoying fact is that a lot of packages build without any problems, except not sqlite, which AFAIK I need to build mt-daapd_svn…