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@wouter wrote:


I’ve been trying to get firefly working on my ASUS WL-500g router together with the Pinnacle-branded Roku soundbridge I’ve just bought, but I’m having tough luck up to now. I specifically bought the soundbridge because XBMC support in mt-daapd is tacky at best, but now I’ve found out that the 2.4.x series that are available in the wl500g unslung repository do not work with this version of the soundbridge. So I decided to install the nightly .ipk from here, but this doesn’t fly either, as it appears to be built for a different NSLU architecture (NSLU2 instead of OptWare or something like that). I’ve googled around but strangely it seems no-one has built an .ipk for OptWare/WL-500g yet….

So all pretty disappointing up to now, but I don’t give up easily. I’m about to try to cross-compile one of the nightlies myself, I’m already downloading the NSLU toolchain as we speak, and as programming on Linux is my daytime job, I guess i should be able to get somewhere with just a little help.

So, I can figure out how to install/patch the ASUS toolchain and the unslung cross-compilation environment, build the repository packages (including all mt-daapd dependencies) and get the firefly sources from SVN.

Now here’s where I could use a little help, so if someone (Ron?) could point me in the right direction that would be very helpful. Suppose I have the complete toolchain running and managed to compile all mt-daapd dependencies succesfully, how would I go about cross-compiling a firefly SVN snapshot? I’ve browsed the SVN repository already, and apparently the build-system uses autoconf/automake. Is this also going to work with my cross-compilation setup, and if yes, how do I configure for an OptWare .ipk? Are there build instructions for NSLU2 somewhere already, like a description of the procedure you (Ron) use to build the mipsel .ipk nightlies on the download page? I’ve checked the toolchain already, and it appears as if compilation for a specific NSLU platform is controlled by a single switch in a makefile, that can also be set for the WL-500g. But I know absolutely nothing about creating .ipk’s from compiled sources, how to configure the build tree etc. All help is appreciated!

Here’s the start:

Basically, get set up to do regular unslung packages, as described in either the unslung docs, or the docs for the firmware you are using. (Oleg’s?) Then get it to the point where you can cross compile 0.2.4. Once you have that, then download the files in the topic above and go crazy.

Also, if you can point me to instructions on getting the toolchain set up, I’d be happy to set up a build tree to pump out nightlies. It’s easy to do once the toolset is setup, but I just need a concise explanation of how to get it set up.

— Ron

edit: Oh, and I’ve been working on xbmc. Seems like I’ve got it at least sort-of working. I’ll drop nightlies tonight.