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Reply To: svn-1489 scans my mp3s finally, but Bonjour not running



@Digital Larry wrote:

I typically see 4 processes that match mt-daapd – tonight I will get the specifics.

Another thing that just came to mind is that (for reasons unknown other than I wanted to court disaster :wink:), I set my Kurobox to use Static IP on my network instead of DHCP. No reason for doing this, just wanted to make sure that I could resolve the box e.g. in ftp client or browser without knowing the IP address. And that all works great. Samba is running so that the shared folders of the Kurobox just showed up in my “Network Places” screen. Good stuff! I feel like I’m THIS CLOSE to getting some music off the Kurobox to my Roku sound bridge.

Yup, that’s a running server already. Do a “killall -9 mt-daapd” and that will kill everything. Then start it again. Should be in business then.