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Reply To: No hair left due to mt-daapd issues!!



@alanstedall wrote:

Thanks fizze for your help.

I tried to install “libflac” but the slug couldn’t find this package.

I have run the query for the name of libflac and I am getting the response

“flac – 1.2.1-1 – FLAC is a free lossless audio codec. This package contains the codec libraries and the command line tools flac and metaflac. – 1.1.2-3 -“

Where should I go from here ?

Again, thanks for your help !

Looks like flac has upgraded again… only now it’s not .8, it’s .9 or something.

The issue is this: the binaries now are looking for a But the latest flac doesn’t provide a .8.

look at the libraries that you hae in /opt/lib:

ls /opt/lib/libFLAC*

Likely you’ll see something… maybe, but no

We can use the same trick to link (which we need to have) so that it points to (or whatever version you *do* have).

This might or might not work… it might be that version 9 is incompatible with version 8 in such a way that the server just crashes trying to run with 9, but it’s worth a try:

ln -s /opt/lib/ /opt/lib/

That makes point to (assuming that’s the version you have).

See what that does, or at least show us the output of “ls /opt/lib/libFLAC*”

— Ron