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Reply To: Broken Pipe Error when Streaming files to Soundbridge



Oh, it’s getting more difficult 😉 Got a file thats skipping 5 seconds for a 49 KB cover picture.

Summary: I thought I had found a general problem with album art, in which case we would have something that Ron maybe could more easily reproduce it. Wasn’t the case though, I continued testing, and found that the problem only appears with iTunes as a client, NOT with the Soundbridge as a client (using either iTunes or Firefly didn’t matter, so it’s clearly a client thing).

Details: ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 (normal and unsynched) on iTunes local database: starts at position #0. ID3v2.4 (normal and unsynched) over Firefly or standard iTunes: starts at later positition. ID3v2.3 starts at correct position even over remote conenction. I’ve written those tags with different apps to make sure its not a badly written tag.

Conclusion: if you were using mostly MP3, I would have recommended to try ID3v2.3 instead of ID3v2.4, or at least unsynchronized ID3v2.4 tags. Since you’re using mostly AAC though, and my tests revealed that the direction I investigated does only affect the iTunes client, forget that, sorry that I can’t be of more help 😀