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Reply To: Broken Pipe Error when Streaming files to Soundbridge



Hi Ron,

that would be nice to get a workaround for that. Than I can build playlists based on the play_count field.

In order to get around other Broken Pipe errors, maybe you can think about adding a parameter to the config file where every user can set wether the server should treat the stream as played when 10%, 20% or 100% is streamed to the client. This would give more flexibility to the product. But anyhow, I really like the Firefly Server and I’m happy with it.

@ccrdude: I tried to reproduce your phenomena with the playtime in itunes, but I could not do so. A song with 5:00min playtime was not reduced to 4:xx after pressing the play button. But maybe it is related to the fact that the image in the file is too small. I’m not using high quality images.

Best regards