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Reply To: Broken Pipe Error when Streaming files to Soundbridge



Actually I’ve been experiencing things while testing with album covers that affect iTunes as well. When you add a song with a cover, it’ll show a track length time of lets say 10:00 minutes.
If you start the song in iTunes, iTunes will immediately switch to 9:30 minutes (some lesser time, seems to be directly related to the size of the image, but ONLY of the image, imho not the tag size, because removing the image but filling it only with zeros, not reducing tag size, seems to have lead to full playback in an early test).

So I tested a bit further, and there even seems to be an offset!
If I play one and the same file in WinAmp, it starts at the very beginning, if I start it in iTunes streamed from the net, it starts a few seconds later! If I add it to the local iTunes database, it starts from the beginning again, so the late start happens ONLY when streamed through Firefly.

I can still try if this happens when streaming from one iTunes to another iTunes, to make sure it doesn’t have to do something with the iTunes streaming client…

edit: this indeed happens as well when streaming from iTunes to iTunes. Maybe I’ll try to use unsynchronized ID3v2.4 tags instead of plain ones next…