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Reply To: firefly on DebianEtchLE/NSLU2



@mas wrote:

Solved that now. Ron! Your oggdec patch has a hardcoded byteswap in it so the patch will only work for big endian system. You even removed the –endian option from it! Grm. Nasty trap.

Well, yeah! It’s an arm-specific package after all. 🙂 I did put a comment in there, though. It was really just a hack, it wasn’t every really meant to be part of unslung proper, just that other people were asking for it so I committed what I was using.

probably should put a endian-test in there.

Also, netatalk etc isn’t part of the base install — you must have picked something in the tasksel screen. If you are more of a gentoo person, you want to skip all that crap. You get a much more minimal installation that way. Tasksel is the suck.

— Ron