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Reply To: firefly on DebianEtchLE/NSLU2



The bad:
– something is still strangely wrong on the transcoding. I had it transcode an ogg and it does it without giving an error. But the sound it plays back is noise! Not white noise but centered to one side of the spectrum as the roku analyzer shows. I assume something in the endian-ness is screwed up in the tremor patch colliding with the LE?
Will have a look later what that can be. Sigh, compiling that beast isnt really that easy. Still looking into it and hints welcome. Though all that doesnt involve transcoding works fine at least.

Solved that now. Ron! Your oggdec patch has a hardcoded byteswap in it so the patch will only work for big endian system. You even removed the –endian option from it! Grm. Nasty trap.

After I removed the byteswap code the thing works now fine also on LittleEndian Debian systems. Theres no upload or file attach function on this board so can only describe it: Apply the patch from Ron and then edit oggdec.c, search for byteswap (theres a comment) and remove all that belongs to it.

Performance of the NSLU is good enough to read an ogg from an AES loopbacked partition, transcode and stream it without rebuffering. Even a little bit of reserve left. i can browse and DL/UL small stuff via samba while doing it. Also ssh logins and some simple shell commands dont break the stream. A bigger compile job did cause rebuffering however. As does a “mv” of a tree into the cryptoloop. Not surprisingly hehe.

Measured netto speed over WLAN 802.11g was
ca. 2 MB/sec into an unencryted share
ca. 1.1 MB/sec into an encrypted share (AES128).

Not too bad I would say. At some point I gotta try if the NSLU manages to stream two .oggs with transcoding at the same time.