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Reply To: Firefly and Soundbridge not talking thru firewall



@structuralpoke wrote:

After performing the actions above manipulating the firewall or FF server, the soundbridge works fine.

I guess basically I’m looking for help making sure I have things configured properly. Here are my Norton settings for Firefly and Bonjour:

You probably want “tcp” for firefly, as opposed to udp. Not sure why its’ working, unless you already have a global exception for 9999, or whatever the port is you are using.

But the firefly connection is TCP. Also, those seem to be fairly large rules… it wouldn’t be a bad idea to tighten them up some. Once you get it working, you can make one change at a time to tighten them up some.

For example, you could probably get by with TCP port 9999 inbound on the firefly one, and UDP and TCP inbound and outbound on port 5353 for the mdns one.

But otherwise, it looks okay.

— Ron