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Reply To: NSLU2 Server w/MP3 Library on TeraStation Pro?



@ccrdude wrote:


mount -t smbfs, or, even better, mount -t cifs (both are to connect to Samba, the later is a newer and improved standard though), should be preferred over smbmount imho.

That said, I remember there was something about uid & gid (user id and group id) parameters when mounting Samba drives imho, to let it know which user & group should “own” the remote files… have you set those correctly?

I issued: “smbmount / /mnt/chanson -o lfs” command. It asked for a password. I entered my password and was surprised to see that it connected since I had no idea what it was using for a user id. Afterwards, I changed to /mnt/chanson and can “ls” all of my files but didn’t do anything more than that.

Until now, all access to the TeraStation has been limited to the Windows box that I use to rip all of my music to FLAC & MP3, so I’ve been insulated from notions of uid & gid. I’ve also been able to get FireFly working from that same Windows box serving the MP3s without difficulty, but the notion of doing it with the NSLU2 is fun and interesting to me.