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Reply To: NSLU2 Server w/MP3 Library on TeraStation Pro?



I have all my music and Firefly on the Kurobox though, sine running Firefly directly on the TheraStation didn’t work too well.

Only with hacks (downloading the firmware, extracting it, chrooting into that, adding telnet and nfs daemon, recompressing the firmware and installing it into the machine) one could get nfs on the TeraStation. Neither that nor replacing the bootloader and installing Debian (that’s what I will do next) is something I would recommend to a Linux Noob. There are “finished” hacked firmware packages out there though. The most promising seems to be these; on the one hand they use Samba 3 instead of Samba 2, on the other hand root telnet access to be able to install a ready NFS package. But that’s still not perfectly noob-friendly (especially the part about NFS, not sure if the newer SMB would already help)… I would keep my eyes open for the OpenTera firmware mentioned in my first link. He intended to have this finished at the end of January, but mentioned he is unsure about the media server (PCcast) due to copyright issues… well, maybe someone should suggest Firefly as the perfect solution for his new firmware? 😀