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Reply To: NSLU2 Server w/MP3 Library on TeraStation Pro?



@pmorris wrote:

I’m using my TeraStation to store all of my FLAC and MP3 files. I’ve got Firefly running on my new NSLU2 server and can serve up music from its local flash drive. I’d like to point the NSLU2 to the TeraStation Pro but have not had any luck. I’ve tried referencing the TeraStation both by it’s IP address \ and by the machine name \chansonmusic, but neither is accepted by Firefly. I’ve searched these messages to no avail.

I’m a Linux Noob, so please type slowly and use small words….

The other option is to nfs export your files from the TeraStation and mount it on the slug, but I don’t know if the TeraStation will export nfs. Might be worth looking through the online communities to see if it will do that.

CCRDude has a TeraStation, I was hoping he might jump in here with some good advice..