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@karlmagnusblom wrote:

Hi there,

I,m a Newbie here and I have two Q:s if anybode could be kind enough to help me.

Q1: When trying to enter the Big Report on Firefly’s homepage i Get a login request. Why? How can I get in and register me there.

Q2: I use Windows XP Pro and Bonjour/Firefly and Firely should start on Windows startUp, but if I cheque the activity icon it is red AND config says it ic currently running. If I open config, stops the server and then starts again, it says server is running but this time the activity icon has the right orange color and says the server is running.

A bug?? Can anybode please inform me?


I think you’ve got some kind of timing thing. That is, it’s starting and stopping, and it takes a bit sometimes for the tray icon to update.

The error you are getting in your log looks like the error that people with McAfee are reporting on the forums. A recent nightly ( or the most recent Roku beta (Check the forums, in the Firefly group) should fix it.

– Ron