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@pmorris wrote:

If there is only one entry per album, couldn’t you remove the “distinct” from your “select distinct album from album” and get even faster results?

Another way you might solve your problem is to open songs.db in sqlite and create an index on album. The syntax would be:
create index idx_album on songs(album); and then undo your hack to permit the select distinct album from songs to run much faster against an index. It probably wouldn’t be quite as fast, but it would always be in sync.

Yes probably. On a de-underclocked slug, browse albums is now more or less instant so I left it at that.

Regarding the index on album, I expected that to work, but it didn’t. As discussed earlier in the thread, this eliminates the delay in finding songs by album, but does not seem to help at all on the album list query. I think it should; this is probably a shortcoming of sqlite.