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@rpedde wrote:

@uncleremus wrote:

Are there any key tricks to make firefly on an unslung NSLU more responsive?

If you are comfortable with playing around in the raw database with sqlite, you can do that yourself:

$ sqlite /opt/var/mt-daapd/songs.db
sqlite> create index idx_artist on songs(artist)

That should build the index, and it should use that index when doing browses by artist.

— Ron

Many many thanks, this worked very fine. I did as you said and restarted mt-daapd and got a lot faster access when “entering” an artist in the “Browse Artists” part of the navigation in the Soundbridge.

There is however one more thing I’d like to speed up and that is the initial download of artists, that is taking as much time as before, i.e. the part where I press “OK” in the “Browse Artists”-field.

This would be especially useful, since I am often browsing like this:

    Browse Artists? OK! …30s….
    Frank Zappa? OK!…[now much faster thanks to your tip!]…
    All Songs? OK! ….[also faster]….

And then, when I want to change Artist, i have to go through all this again (at least I think so, I haven’t found another way with the Soundbridge).

So, if I could speed up step 1 above, that would make it even better.