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@biggpappa wrote:

I just reinstalled Windows XP with SP2 and all updates, and have installed Firefly version svn-1489. I am unable to save any changes I make through the web administration utility, such as adding additional music folders to the one I selected during installation.

In Firefox (I am using Firefox version I get no error message when I hit “save,” but nothing happens — changes I make to configuration tab do not save.

In Internet Explorer 7.0, I get the following error message: “Error on Page,” with the details of the error being “Line: 519 Char: 7 Error: ‘ConfigInitialValues.getValue(…)’is null or not an object Code: 0 URL: http://localhost:9999/config.html

Any ideas of what I need to do? I have already tried uninstalling Firefly, deleting the Firefly folder, and reinstalling — I still have the same problem. Thanks for your help!

Check permissions on the firefly.ini in the program filesfirefly media server folder. It should have read and write for the user the service is running as (LocalSystem or SYSTEM by default).

That’s the only thing I can think offhand. Does the logfile tell you anything? It’s firefly.log in the same directory, or the “log” tab on the applet shows the last few lines.