Reply To: "Library Offline"


I too have a Pinnacle branded Soundbridge and run Firefly on my laptop. Comms. is via wireless. I also find that the Soundbridge will suddenly stop playing and report No Libraries Found, requiring me to stop and restart Firefly. I’ve been using the stable production version up until now and have just loaded nightly svn 1498 to see if anything changes. I’ve also reset the library scan time to 7200 – just in case the connection was being dropped due to rescanning (?). When its going its great…playlists all work fine.
By the way, I’ve checked the log each time and it simply shows the last song I heard as still being served – no error and no new timestamped entry.

If I can find any predictability in the dropouts I’ll post again – otherwise I’ll keep hoping someone else can get to the bottom of it.